Designers Riese Pio X Patrick Berger and glass master Andrea Zanetti are the winners of the 2014 Murano Prize, the traditional award sponsored by the School of Glass Abate Zanetti in collaboration with the Association for the study and development of the culture of Murano.

The awards ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Abate Zanetti in calle Briati 8 / b, in the presence, among others, of the schools of the island.

The first classified works, chosen by the Jury presided by glassmaster Livio Seguso, is a group of overlapping vessels for which has been indicated this reason: “It rewards the ability to execute the work in its majestic form with particular attention to the wise use of the many possibilities of chalcedony positioned in a harmonious composition.”


To reward the winners was the president of the Umana and Reyer Holding Luigi Brugnaro that also honored the winners of the Junior section: the small designer Thomas Tosi of fourth grade school Cerruti and the young glass master Stefano Dalla Valentina, who have won first place for this reason: “the work is rewarded for the originality of the creation and the bill of excellent quality; the glass master has also enriched the design giving it movement and three-dimensionality. ”


The total prize money made available by Abate Zanetti was 23.000 euros.

The competition was divided into two sections – Murano Prize and Junior Murano Prize – with the usual formula: the glass masters of the island have produced works in glass image, respectively, from the designs proposed by the participating artists and the school children of the island.

This year, for the third edition of the new course after the resumption of the Award that was interrupted for a long period, the designs presented by the children were 300, 199 of the artists, while after the preliminary selection of the projects, the works by Murano glass masters were 35.

In addition to the absolute winner of both the Murano Prize and the Junior Murno Prize sections, 8 awards were handed – 2 each for each working technique: furnace, light, glass fusing and grinding-engraving – and 4 others for the Junior Murano Prize – 1 for each technique.

These are all the winners of individual sections of the Murano Prize:

Maria Grazia Turco/Paolo Cenedese

Lamp-Working Section Winners:
Designer Maria Grazia Turco
Glassmaster Paolo Cenedese

Maria Grazia Turco/Dario Frare

Lamp-Working Section Winners:
Designer Maria Grazia Turco
Glassmaster Dario Frare

Agnese Tegon/Franco e Mauro Panizzi

Fusing Section Winners:
Designer Agnese Tegon
Glasmasters Franco and Mauro Panizzi

Elsa Tuzzato/Stefano Bullo

Fusing Section Winners:
Designer Elsa Tuzzato
Glassmaster Stefano Bullo

Anna Forlati/Oscar Zanetti

Furnace Section Winners:
Designer Anna Forlati
Glassmaster Oscar Zanetti

Clio Signoretto/Stefano Dalla Valentina

Furnace Section Winners:
Designer Clio Signoretto
Glassmaster Stefano Dalla Valentina

Patrizia Masserini/Pietro e Riccardo Ferro

Grinding-engraving Section Winners:
Designer Patrizia Masserini
Glassmasters Pietro and Riccardo Ferro

Gergana Nestorova/Matteo Seguso

Grinding-engraving Section Winners:
Designer Gergana Nestorova
Glassmaster Matteo Seguso

These are all the winners of individual sections of the Junior Murano Prize:

Emma Zaniol/Simone Rossetto

Lamp-Working Section Winners:
Designer Emma Zaniol
Glassmaster Simone Rossetto

Chiara Cimarosti/Nicola Moretti

Fusing Section Winners:
Designer Chiara Cimarosti
Glassmaster Nicola Moretti

Giulia Rioda/ Franco Beraldo e Andrea Zilio

Furnace Section Winners:
Designer Giulia Rioda
Glassmasters Franco Beraldo and Andrea Zilio

Anita Stellon/Matteo Seguso

Grinding-engraving Section Winners:
Designer Anita Stellon
Glassmaster Matteo Seguso

Marin Special Prize

As usual, the special Marin Prize was added to the lot and was awarded to

– Junior Murano Prize: ex aequo Clare Cimarosti / Gianni Signoretto and Arianna Ragosta / Dario Frare

– Murano Prize: Maria Grazia Turkish / Mauro Vianello

Chiara Cimarosti/Gianni Signoretto

Junior Marin Special Prize ex aequo winners
Designer Chiara Cimarosti
Glassmaster Gianni Signoretto

Arianna Ragosta/Dario Frare

Junior Marin Special Prize ex aequo winners
Designer Arianna Ragosta
Glassmaster Dario Frare

Maria Grazia Turco/Mauro Vianello

Marin Special Prize Winners:
Designer Maria Grazia Turco
Glassmaster Mauro Vianello

Also this year, there have been many works out of competition created, suggested by these 15 VIPs, Italians and foreigners: the artist Luigi Voltolina, the artist Emiliano Donaggio, the artist Gianna Moise, the DJ Linus, the volleyball player Andrea Lucchetta, the singer of X Factor 2013 finalist Aba, world champion figure skater Rachel Campagnol, the footballer Attilio Maldera, the American artist Jonelle Johnson, the American artist Kate Klingebeil, the Japanese artist Hiroko Ueki the artist Gino Filippeschi, artist Anna Vercellotti, the artist Maria Luisa Tadei and the London-based designer Vivienne Westvood, which has embraced the initiative for the third consecutive year.

“Creativity, innovation and craftsmanship is the virtuous mix that has always characterized the ancient tradition of glass, of expression excellence of the” Made in Italy “known throughout the world. The Award is an initiative rooted in the community of Murano, which reserves a significant space to schoolchildren of the district that, in this way, can touch the creative magic of this particular art form, “said the president of Abate Zanetti Martina Semenzato who recalled some numbers particularly significant about the activities carried out this year: 251 students in the classrooms of theory; 237 in laboratories; 1,240 children of school age accommodated in place.

All the nearly 500 drawings made by artists and children, remain visible and reproduced throughout the next year to cover the paving of the main hall of the School of Glass Abate Zanetti.


The ceremony was introduced by a video made by Linus and Pina & Radio Dj Diego and was presented by Niccolò Torrielli, already well-known face of “Le Iene“, and by journalist Micol Stelluto.

At the end, an important partnership with Project Pink is Good Foundation Veronesi was also launched to be held throughout the next year that led to the creation of a pink jewel affordable online: half of the proceeds will be donated to the Foundation Veronesi for the fight against breast cancer.

The Murano Prize 2014 has received the patronages of: Province of Venice, City of Venice Civic Museums of Venice IUAV University of Venice, Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice, Architectural Heritage Superintendent, Experimental Station of the glass, Promovetro Consortium, Confcommercio, Confindustria Veneto, Chamber of Commerce and Confartigianato.


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